wrapped in blues and grays.

The cold rain this morning put me in the mood to wrap myself in a cashmere throw and lay on the couch... if only we had our living room set up (and if only I had a cashmere throw). Okay I need some help... and immediately. I have to start painting the living room this weekend! I am leaning towards the soft gray from yesterday's post. I want the room to emit serenity since this is typically where we retreat after a long day. But I want to be careful because Seattle gets a little gray in the winter and I don't want to feel like miss debbie downer all the time. I have been thinking a lot about how I can use the soft gray I am in love with right now and warm it up a tad. I am still trying to find the right blend of colors. What do you think about the colors in this picture?

Still too cold? Or do the various shades of beige and brown warm up the blue? Too dull? Or do the various textures and patterns add character? I see the walls painted a glorious blue-gray like the color of the chair, with cream linen curtains hanging from walnut brown curtain rods. And I think our chocolate brown chair would fit nicely as well...
By far, the most comfortable piece of furniture I have ever come across.

I love the blue-gray paint for the walls, but just can't figure out how to bring the chocolate brown chair in without being too blazah. Any suggestions for complimentary colors to add to the mix? Maybe honey yellow? Or a pale mossy green like the paint from yesterday's post? Can you think of anything brighter that might add even more interest? Maybe I take the same colors as in the photo with the chair, but take them up a notch in brightness. I keep coming back to these two photos. I love the colors. I love the playfulness of the yellows and blues.

Photos via Shelter

Now the question is would the brown chair work with this?


  1. As your enthusiastic and faithful blog watcher:) I would say that a blue-gray and brown go very well together, very hip. A wonderful color to add would be a rusty orange with accents. I think that adding more muted tones like a soft green would just make for a multitude of blah. However, adding a pop of color to only a two-toned muted palette sounds good to me!
    Sincerely, the wannabe-decorator:)

  2. I am ever so grateful for my dedicated follower! Keep the comments coming!