This morning, as I was lost in the wonderful world of Pinterest, I came across a pin by my dear friend, Erin.

I knew it was Venice, which the huz and I had the pleasure of visiting last spring, but it looked almost too familiar. Most of the streets in Venice looks the same, making it very easy to get lost, but I just had a hunch that I had been on that street.

Looking through my photos from our trip, I can across this photo:

Look at the end of the street. It is the same, no? This was the street of the small boutique hotel we stayed at, which was lovely, by the way.

This has, of course, left me dreaming of my next destination.


for a cohesive look

Last year, I shared with you my labor of love. Ever since then, I've been trying to find pillows that coordinate with this piece for a more cohesive look. I knew I wanted a deep blue color, and some sort of graphic print. I have plans to bring in a couple more colors to liven it up, but this is a good start.