a touch of light.

We are home owners now and with that comes new questions to ask and decisions to make. For the huz, these decisions include 'Which tools do I really need?' and 'Does owning a high end hose really make a difference?'. For me, these decisions are more like 'What do we want the overall look/feel of the home to be?' and 'What color should I paint the living room?' and 'What on earth am I going to do with this weird nook in the bedroom?' To answer the first question, my initial thought was to start searching for inspiration through magazines, blogs, etc. As I fumbled through hundreds of inspirational photos, it became evident very quickly that I was seeking a palette composed mostly of warm whites and natural materials, but accented with pops of fresh color and little details. Here are some of my favorites.  
 Photos via Apartment Therapy, Pottery Barn, Unknown, Martha Stewart, Unknown, apartment #34, Unknown, Crate and Barrel, Unknown, Things That Inspire

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