ignorance is bliss

When you start a new project, or in our case 5 simultaneous projects, you never think it will take nearly as long as it actually does. In fact, you immediately start thinking about what you will do next. I already started looking for color inspiration to repaint the outside, the hubby was doing some research on putting up a new fence, and the dogs were planning their takeover of the yard. Well for a week now, the hubby and I have been pounding away at floors, and walls, and more floors... let's just say it hasn't been pretty.
Behind the wood paneling lay wallpapered 'cardboard' and then the outside of the house. Not so good!
Two layers of linoleum under the carpet. The huz was not so happy... 

Now I really shouldn't be complaining because we are so lucky to have hardwood floors in such good condition under all this mess. We honestly didn't know what we would find. And the 'cardboard' walls were thankfully only in one of the rooms. A little sheet rock, some insulation, and new studs will fix 'er up real quick. It is more so the little things you didn't really think of. Although, how could you have known? This is all new territory for us. We didn't know that there would be two layers of linoleum under the floor. And we surely didn't know there would be 5 zillion staples holding it all down. You would think the extra strong glue would be enough. 

Doesn't look that bad? This is less than a square foot.

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