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It is the beginning of week 2 and we are trucking right along. The office has been gutted and is ready for some new studs and dry wall. The living room is a quick cleaning away from being ready to paint. And the bedroom is about 75% de-stapled...we WILL finish it by Wednesday. We installed flashing, fixed the drying machine vent, set up motion detecting lights, and even hung up some nice lanterns in the front. All in all, things are coming together quite nicely. Now that some of the hard work is done, the burning question is, what palette? As I explained in my post early last week, I keep gravitating towards a more neutral palette. I picture soft grays and taupes, creamy whites, and subtle mossy greens.

Clockwise from top left: Benjamin Moore Horizon, Grant Beige, Linen White, Mesquite

Some of you might think that sounds boring, but I just don't see bright colors on the walls in this house. At least not yet. After all that wood paneling, heavy curtains and thick carpet, the house seems to be calling for a little touch of light and airy. I want people to walk in the front door, plop down on the couch and stay for awhile. I want the look to resemble a breath of fresh air. I want to use textiles and details introduce a punch of color...

Photos via Crate and Barrel, Shelter

Organic materials and soft lighting to provide warmth...
Photos via Things That Inspire, Shelter

And accents of gold and silver to add a little luxury...
Photos via Shelter

So this is where you all come in...I need input!

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  1. I think it's important to figure out what mood you want each room to be. For instance, I would go with a more calming blue tone for a bedroom, it cools it down and leaves you breathing deeply. You might want something with more yellow to warm up the living room. However, it also depends on where the light is. If you paint your living room light yellow and get no sun, it might not be that warm. I know the odd discoveries seem overwhelming in your new house, but I know you'll make it look wonderful! I love it already!