channeling my inner decorator.

Yesterday I posted some inspirational photos that I would love to emulate in our home, but the question is...how? How do I take our home as it stands now and translate it into something that is clean and classic, yet still remains warm and inviting? How do I achieve that comfy, yet chic look of the photos from my last post? How do I restore the original craftsman style details in a modern way? Oh the questions to answer! If you feel so inclined, I am open to all thoughts and comments. Okay so I am sure you are all wondering what our home really looks like so let's start with a tour of the living room...  
In the living room looking at the front door. 

The large windows let in tons of natural light.

Looking at the entrance to the kitchen and through to the backyard.

Can you believe that wood paneling used to be stylish?  

Although it is difficult to tell through these photos, the living room let's in a lovely amount of natural light. And the added bonus? There are gorgeous wood floors under the carpet that just need a little TLC. It was clear to us both what our first project would be: Rip up the carpet and tear down the wood paneling. Oh and while we are at it, can we please get rid of those heavy curtains! They are depressing...

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