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Okay, so I still stand firm that I want to use neutrals as the base throughout the whole house, but I had a color epiphany this morning when I woke up. I ran into this post from coco+kelley a few months back, but at the time didn't have a home to paint so thought I would bookmark it until the right time... How gorgeous are these colors?

Photos via coco+kelley

She describes it perfectly: "Earthy, warm shades with a touch of grey" I am in love... I was already leaning towards a yellow and taupe for the bedroom, but just couldn't find the right shades. This is absolute perfection and I love the pop of the coral-pink. It helps enliven what might be a dull space. There is something so romantic and heavenly about this blend. I never knew a gray-brown could look so good, but the Iron color is fabulous. And Nomad reminds me of the gorgeous coloring of a Weimaraner. The Honey Yellow and Burnt Sienna take me back to my first Fall in Colorado where the color changes were unbelievable. I think this might be a go for the bedroom. It evokes just the mood I was looing for: warmth and relaxation, with a touch of romance. Here is another room with a similar palette that I just simply adore.

They even managed to add a touch of green in an unexpected place. How fantastic are these chairs? And I love the mismatching frames.

Photos via habitually chic


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