foodies unite!

Have you heard of TasteSpotting yet? Talk about a foodies delight!

TasteSpotting is somewhat of a virtual pot-luck with a very picky host, or at least that is how they describe it.

Basically what happens is anyone can submit images and links from around the web and the editorial team reviews the submissions before posting. There is an amazing assortment of deliciousness to choose from.

Some of my recent finds (and on my 'oh how I wish i could cook all day long' list) include:

Brie & Fig Pizza
Brie & Fig Pizza. Inspired from a local restaurant. Delicious and decadent and most of all, EASY!

Summer Bean Salad with Arugula, Almonds, & Manchego
Summer bean salad with wild arugula, roasted almonds, manchego cheese and shallot dressing. A happy salad.

Blackberry Brown Sugar Marscapone Ice Cream
Blackberry Brown Sugar Mascarpone Ice Cream

Dinner party, anyone?

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