decisions, decisions...

As everyone keeps telling me, there are always things to do when you own a home. I have no doubt that we will remain busy until the end of time. This house has so much potential that it is difficult not to want to peel back the layers and let the pretty thing shine! It is just a matter of deciding what to do next. Finish up the moulding? Nah...it can wait. Although I have considered adding a chair rail in the dining "room".

Paint the front door? Definitely a contender, but then I have to look at paint chips until I am blue in the face.

Paint the kitchen cabinets? Sounds like fun, but might be best to wait until the weather is a little nicer so it dries before next year.

What a tough choice it is going to be! What would you do?


  1. Paint the front door. Sounds the easiest. Just don't touch it too soon so you have the eternal smudge that I have!