color crush { deep blue }

This rug has been on my wish list for quite some time now; however I am realistic that I will never own it seeing as it costs a small fortune. Even though I might not be able to have this rug for myself, I love the look they put together in the photo below and might have to steal inspiration for our bedroom. There is something soothing yet sensual about it, and it would blend perfectly with our home's overall color scheme.

Chances are, I won't be getting my bedding or rugs at Anthropologie (unless I can stalk the sales), but I can start hunting for similar colors and textures at much more affordable home stores. I did spot a similar duvet cover at West Elm for nearly a third of what they are asking at Anthropologie. And better yet, it comes in several soothing shades.

And Urban Outfitters and Target usually have a decent selection of fun patterned sheets that would pair nicely. Let me know if you see anything worth checking out!


  1. Hey Larissa!
    I just got on to check your blog today after about 6 months of not doing so. Eli and I are moving to Thornton Place in Northgate and we are upgrading all furniture, rugs, and bedding. We have found that overstock.com is a great resource. We find something that we like at a department store and then look it up there. We got a great blue and gold rug for our new living room for about a third of the price that Macy's had it for. I remember seeing something similar to the one that you posted from Anthro. And don't we all wish that we could afford all of Anthro's home decor.
    Happy Decorating!