sofa shoppin

For the past month or so, I have had some major angst over one major purchase...the sofa. We had some criteria to fill, which I struggled with continually throughout the process: 1) A relatively small and narrow room that has to function as a dining area as well :: It must not be too large or dark because it will overwhelm the space 2) A dark furred dog that loves to snuggle on the sofa :: It must be easy to clean and hide daily grime well 3) A 6' tall husband who needs a place to put his feet up after long days :: It must have a seat that is at least 72" long (and deep enough for us to both lay on comfortably) 4) A wife (me) who wants the entry of the home to look good :: It must not be generic and/or ugly So after dragging the huz to shop after shop and looking at numerous retail websites, we finally (and I mean finally) settled on one. Meet Rachel...

She may look boring now, but take a look at what I am envisioning... actually I have two options...

Option A:

Option B:

Thoughts? Opinions? Concerns? Do you have a favorite? Please oh please...do tell!

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  1. I'd go for option B. Knowing you and your palette tastes and what colors you've already chosen, I think it would blend well with your home. It's also a little more clean, not sure you want to bring tons of colors into the room.