chalk it up

We all know how popular chalkboards have become. After years of having it on my crafty to-do list, I finally made my own. My inspiration?

Several visits to Goodwill over the past month or so, and I finally found the perfect starting point. Ornate frame? Check. Fit the scale of the large blank wall in our kitchen? Check. Lightweight enough for our old walls? Check.

With some elbow grease and patience allowing the paint to dry, here is what I ended up with:

In addition to the chalkboard paint, I also used magnetic paint as a primer. It is a lot more functional now that I can put up a calendar and any to-do items that come in the door.

I decided to go with a white border in high-gloss because I already had it on hand, and I am so happy I did because I love it!

This was #24 on my 30 before Thirty list. Keep checking back as I cross more items off my list. I have a lot to do in 3-months time!

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