notes from our Friday night

This past week, our oldest dog Bailey gave us quite the scare.  For a 12 year old dog, Bailey is rather spry, but age has started to take its toll.

Thursday night we rushed him to the emergency animal hospital because he was repeatedly falling over. We immediately feared the worst - stroke, brain tumor, toxins - these were all possibilities. After what felt like forever waiting at the vet, we were finally brought in to talk to the doctor. Luckily, we were wrong about our fears. He has what is called Intervertebral Disc Disease, and it has caused loss of full function in his hind legs. The good news is that it is manageable, and with bed rest and anti-inflammatory medication, we can likely restore his quality of life.

Now, bed rest for a lab isn't an easy task. Oh, and try to keep them off the furniture when they've been allowed to their whole life. Not so simple. Last night we decided to try something a little different to make sure Bailey didn't feel left out (you laugh, but he gets super pouty). Or, some might say it was just a great excuse to have a movie night and slumber party just like when we were kids!

Belle is the one on the couch. Bailey is in the other room pouting.

He absolutely loved it. As soon as the huz and I put in the movie, dimmed the lights, and tucked ourselves in, Bailey walked over and snuggled right up against my leg. He stayed there all night with us. It warmed my heart.

We might just have to do it again tonight!

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