30 Before Thirty

Have you ever heard of the 30 before 30?

The idea is to create a list of 30 things you'd like to accomplish before you turn 30. I started a couple months ago, but I'll be turning 30 this June which leaves me with less than 6 months to go. I've decided to post this list here as a journal of my accomplishments, and a means of holding myself accountable.

Follow along as I slowly check items off my list:
  1. Learn how to use all the settings on my camera (almost there... but still need practice!).
  2. Finish caulking/painting our bedroom moulding (a task that has been 2.5 years in the making).
  3. Frame family keepsakes and photos.
  4. Build 5 "go-to" outfits I love from items I already own.
  5. Discover 5 "request-worthy" healthy meals. (Done! I should share these with you, huh?)
  6. Start composting. 
  7. Create an important docs filing system that works for both of us, and finally merge all our personal files. (Done!)
  8. Paint basement guest room (in progress).
  9. Get/make pillows that coordinate with my labor of love. (Done!)
  10. Paint/decorate our bedroom in a more sophisticated color palette. (Done!)
  11. Remove kitchen door and paint over blue wall. (Done!)
  12. Take another romantic vacation with huz.
  13. Successfully bake a chocolate souffle.
  14. Reevaluate investment accounts and plan for future.
  15. Start daily gratitude journal.  (Done!)
  16. Start blogging again. (Done!)
  17. Make family binder with important information and documents.
  18. Go to the eye doctor (for pete's sake)! (Done! I now wear contacts.)
  19. Install new porch light.
  20. Get new fridge (We bought a dishwasher instead...progress is progress!)
  21. Finish gardens flanking walkway up to the house. (Done!)
  22. Paint inside of front door (the outside can wait until we paint the entire house).
  23. New kitchen windows.
  24. Make chalkboard for kitchen wall. (Done!)
  25. Install trellis in front of car port, and plant gorgeous vines (Just need the trellis now... and soon).
  26. Take and frame one new picture of each pup (must accomplish #1 first).
  27. Start a vegetable garden (Done!).
  28. Finish mudroom.
  29. Take a mini vacation to one of the many nearby islands. 
  30. Cut personal debt in half (we are fortunate to have very little debt, but I'd still like to set a financial goal).
Wish me luck!
(Don't worry, I'll share some pictures of  some of the items already scratched off my list. We still have some catching up to do.)

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