merry christmas to all

December is here... and Christmas will be here before we know it! This entire year was a whirlwind for me so I am ready to slow things down and relax for the holiday season. My family will be visiting from California and Texas this Christmas, and I couldn't be happier. We are so lucky to have family who doesn't mind hopping on a plane to spend the season with family. Actually, this year they will be arriving by rail. My parents are jetting out to the Bay area to spend a few days with my brother and his wife, then all four of them are boarding a train for a 24 hour adventure along the Pacific coast. I am very jealous! They arrive a couple days before Christmas and I can't wait to show them our home...

 ...and to introduce them all to Belle, our new canine addition this year.  
Isn't she just a sweet lady?

This will be our very first Christmas in our very first home together as a family with our two dogs; and Bailey, our other dog, will be turning 10 so this year is a very special year.

Now I just have to start decking the halls!!!

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