the farmhouse look

Take a lesson from history and the farmhouse style. In those years, the main floor was typically an open area used for everything - from eating, spending time with the family, gathering around the fireplace, and even cooking in the same area. I like to believe that this type of setup instills a sort of family togetherness and I don't think I am the only person who feels this way. There has been a definite trend moving back to this way of living. It can be seen with the open floor plans you often see in magazines and on the home/decorating channel. A lot of people are taking their homes back to their roots by tearing down the living room wall to expose the kitchen or maybe just widening doorways. While this is something we would definitely like to do, it is a couple years down the road so until then I have to find other ways to get that look and feel. My first attempt will be with an important piece of furniture - the dining room table. I have never had a dining room table to call my own and fortunately the huz and I share a desired look. We both love the raw and rustic wood farmhouse style table preferably one that extends to hold our friends and family for gatherings. I tend to gravitate towards lighter colors...

Photo via Ballard Designs

 ...while the huz definitely flocks towards the darker pieces.
Photo via World Market

I think we might have to meet somewhere in the middle with an amber colored piece.
Photo via design sponge

I particularly love this one because not only is it a trestle table, but I love how they paired it with black simple chairs for an unfussy look.

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